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That mail never reached my inbox!

Communication is one of the most important paradigm on which a business stands. In today’s world, e-mail is still the fastest means of formal communication. Even though it has been around since mid 1960’s, never before has its glory reached the present stature. The importance of email, especially for people who conduct online business is unquestionable.

It is possible to host your own mail server using sendmail, qmail or exim, among host of other MTA’s. But – “Is there peace of mind?” What if the e-mail is delayed? What if the final confirmation mail of the very important deal, never reaches your inbox?

When so much depends on your e-mail service, you should depend on mail service providers who provide you with professional solutions such as Zimbra, Scalix and MS Exchange among others. On the other hand, you can purchase these solutions and implement them yourself. You would just need a server with network connectivity, to get started.