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How to enable access to VirtualBox via SSH NAT ?

VirtualBox allows to create different guest virtual machines on top of the same host. And, it provides isolation from the host too.

But, what if you need to access the guest machine via SSH?

That’s where Network Address Translation (NAT) helps. It allows SSH access even to the virtual servers.

At Bobcares, we often get requests from customers to enable VirtualBox SSH NAT settings as part of our Infrastructure Management Services.

Today, we’ll see how our Dedicated Engineers setup SSH via NAT in Virtualbox and solve common issues with it.


Best open source virtualization management software

Best open source virtualization management software

Virtualization refers to hosting a number of virtual server instances over a single physical machine. Dividing resources such as CPU, RAM, storage and I/O among multiple instances, helps in maximum hardware utilization. Statistics show that every business organization has virtualized over 70% of their servers.

To manage a virtualized environment, businesses need a management solution that enables optimal distribution of server resources among various virtual instances. A virtualization management solution helps to do this without much time or overhead. (more…)