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Using oVirt API to automate VPS provisioning

Using oVirt API to automate VPS provisioning

It was Xmas time! Every website was flooding with offers and deals. I felt this was the best time to buy a tablet for myself. But many of these online stores had shipping times of 2 or more days.

That’s when I came across Amazon website, which highlighted a ‘Same Day Delivery!’ offer. I didn’t think for a moment before placing my order. Fast product delivery is what drove me to Amazon for my purchase.

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No customer is ready to wait for long to get their order delivered. Similarly, in the hosting industry, customers want their service to be ‘delivered’ instantly. An automated provisioning system enables a hosting company to make this possible.

In a recent post, we discussed how we helped a VPS provider build a competitive VPS hosting service using oVirt. Today, we’ll discuss how we used oVirt API and custom python scripts to automate provisioning of new VPS orders.

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Creating customer portal using oVirt API

The oVirt engine admin web interface provides system administrators with a GUI to easily create and edit VPS. But performing tasks ranging from VPS creation to resource management with a GUI can be tedious.

Everytime a VPS had to be provisioned, the customers had to contact the provider, who performed these tasks. To enable VPS owners to create, scale up and manage their VPS instances, we designed a customer portal.

We also integrated it with the billing software so that the users were provided with a single-entry management interface. Using the portal, users could quickly create VPS instances for the plans they ordered.

We automated various provisioning tasks such as storage and network configuration, starting and stopping these instances, user management, etc in this software. The portal featured custom python scripts that directly interacted with the oVirt-engine using the API.


Custom Portal over oVirt API

Custom Portal over oVirt API


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