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How to Restore Backup in Plesk

by | Sep 29, 2021

Wondering how to restore a backup made in Plesk? We can help you.

We can restore backups in Plesk 12.5 or earlier versions of Plesk, but not earlier than Plesk 8.6.

As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several Plesk queries.

Today, let us see how our techs perform the backup restoration for our customers.


How to Restore Backup in Plesk

To do so, we go to Websites & Domains > Backup Manager, and in the list of backups click the creation date of the backup to restore.

Data to Restore

With Plesk 12.0 and later we can select the objects we want to restore from a backup.

This helps us to restore only what we need, without overwriting other objects.

It is also possible for us to restore several objects of one type at the same time.

However, to restore objects of different types we need two sessions. For example, one for a mailbox and one for a database.

Restore all objects

  1. To do so, we select the option All objects (entire system).
  2. In case there comes a prompt, we specify the types of data to restore.

For example, if we select mail settings, it will restore the mail settings of all domains.

Restore specific objects

To restore specific objects of a particular type, our Support Techs recommend the following steps:

  1. First, we select the option Selected objects.
  2. Then we select the type of object to restore. For example, Database.
  3. We go ahead and select the subscription to which the object belongs in the Subscription box.
  4. Then we select one or more objects of the selected type. For example, wordpress_database_8.

Similarly, when we restore from Customer Panel > Account, we can select objects to restore in the same way as in the Backup Manager wizard.

Restoration Options

  • Suspend domains until the restoration task is completed.

We can use this option to avoid possible conflicts when users modify site content or settings while the restoration.

  • When the restoration task is completed, send a notification email to.

For the control panel to notify once it finishes the restoration, we type the email address.

  • Conflicts resolution policy.

Here, we can specify what to do if any conflicts occur.

  • Backup security settings.

For password-protected backup, we need to enter the password into the Password field.

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In short, we saw how our Support Techs go about backup restoration in Plesk.


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