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Disk usage

How to change Docker directory

How to change Docker directory

Maintaining adequate disk space is a crucial task we perform in our outsourced server management services. Lack of free space can often lead to server crashes.

In Docker machines, ‘/var/lib/docker’ is the directory where the Docker images and the container data are stored by default, when Docker is installed: (more…)

How to fix ‘Disk usage warning’ alerts in cPanel/WHM servers

At Bobcares, we provide outsourced technical support services for shared hosting companies. During this service span, we’ve resolved a multitude of server issues and errors.

One among the very common issues faced by cPanel/WHM server owners is getting this disk usage warning email:

The filesystem “/dev/sda6”, which is mounted at “/”, has reached “warn” status because it is 84.73% full.

Notification Type:
 warn ?



A Bobcares article on LVM

One thing I adore about the Bobcares family is the enthusiasm to share. I was flipping through the articles already written in the Bobcares blog, and boo!! I stumbled upon an article on LVM, written by Indu Shabna way back in 2008. I guess its a crime to call that an article. One could say, “study“. Or even “thesis“. That is the kind of techs we have here – harbingers of technology and evangelists of information sharing. Now, lets get to the topic, LVM.