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web server support

What is “Optimize Website” in cPanel? Is it enough?

Websites that load in 2 seconds are the new norm in SEO.

Google’s website auditor marks 1.2 seconds [1] as the ideal speed score, and it won’t be long before all business sites fall in line.

That brings us to the question : How do you improve your site speed? (more…)

2 reasons for ‘Redirection limit reached’ error in PHP and how to fix it

PHP powers more than 80% of the web.

And Redirection limit reached is one of the common errors many PHP users get.

Warning: file_get_contents: failed to open stream: Redirection limit reached, aborting

Here we have listed the most common reasons that we have seen for this error and how we fix them at Bobcares. (more…)

Top 5 benefits you reap from an expert server support company

Do you get woken up in the midst of the night to handle a server issue? Do you find yourself trying to pacify angry customers every now and then?

Then, it is time for you to consider hiring a good server support company. Servers form the foundation of any online business, so you need to ensure that they are in safe hands.

See how our server support team can assist you!

3 prime ingredients that help us deliver web server support par excellence

3 prime ingredients that help us deliver web server support par excellence

Web servers plays an integral role in web hosting, as they help render lightning fast websites for online businesses. But improperly configured or inadequately maintained web servers can cause website downtime and loss.

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support for web hosts, we provide specialized web server support aimed at delivering high speed and highly secure web servers.

We’ve learned that speed and security are the pivotal aspects for a web server. Today, we’ll see the prime ingredients of our service that help us deliver outstanding web server support for our customers. (more…)