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FileZilla etimedout error : Causes and Fixes

Web hosts give their customers FTP access to easily upload website content, images etc. to the server.

But the downside of FTP is that it is vulnerable to brute force attacks (where hackers try logging in with thousands of password combinations, and FTP allows access).

To prevent this, most Web Hosts secure their FTP servers with measures such as blocking unknown incoming FTP connections, allowing FTP only on predefined server ports etc.

However, these restrictions can cause FileZilla Etimedout errors even for a legitimate FTP user. (more…)

Firewall: Guard on surveillance

To define a firewall in simple terms, one can put it to words as a – protective system that functions between your host/network and the sometimes “deadly” Internet. An effective firewall policy, prevents unauthorized use and access to your network/server.

The role of a firewall is to analyse information entering and leaving the network/server, based on an existing firewall configuration. It usually acts as a barrier for many form of attacks.

Ideally, a security strategy puts to use both hardware, and software firewalls. That said, understanding them based on a comparative approach definitely helps framing sound firewall policies.