how to select DC

How to select a Datacenter?


Selecting a datacenter is no piece of cake. Knowledge of what exactly you need/would need, is quite vital in making this decision. That said, the choices can be quickly narrowed down to a handful of providers based on a few points given below(lets call it the first stage):

  The budget you have per server/hardware.

  The bandwidth costs, and overage charges

  The size, experience, and success of the DC(just google.. to find out about the DC)

  If the DC has the right technology to meet your requirements
  If the DC can deliver good speed(without latency) to your prospective customer base

The second stage is selecting the provider that suits you and your needs amongst the handful of providers you’ve short-listed. Mind you, this would take time and effort. The information you gather at this stage is critical and I believe – going after reviews in various forums would just be a wild goose chase. (more…)