howto Google Analytics

Google Analytics – Get started

We discussed Google analytics, and it’s basic features in the last blog. Lets now find out “How to setup Google Analytics”.

Setting up Google Analytics in three easy steps :

Step 1: Set up your Google account
To use Google Analytics, you’ll first need to set up an account with Google. Once done, you will be provided with a unique identifier to add to your site. (more…)

Google Analytics – Howto

How is it that some websites are always successful, while others never reach the glory? The reasons for this could be improper marketing of the web-site. I am not talking about giving ads and promotions here, but an insight into finding out more about your site’s visitors.

Gathering information about your visitors, their trends, volumes, and locations, all these help in guiding prospective visitors to your site. With Google Analytics (GA), gathering information and performing analysis is easier than ever. (more…)