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secure browsing

Secure your browsing sessions

“Your computer is not secure! Download our scanner now to help protect your PC!” This is probably the last pop-up you’ll see before all hell breaks loose. Most malware aren’t so obvious, and tend to hit you with very little effort from your part. These types of attacks can come from some obscure site you’ve never visited before, or even from sites you visit on a daily bases. Once activated, the damange the malware can do on your PC depends largely on other virus/malware detection programs you have in place. The problem is that the better you want your detection programs to work, the more restrictive they will be on your normal browsing activity. Well Invincea, Inc. (formerly known as Secure Command, Inc.) which was started in 2006 by one Dr. Anup Ghosh, believe they have come up with the ultimate solution. Move your browser to its own controlled virtual environment.