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Server Moves

Planning a Server Move? Part II/II

Ok, now that we’ve talked about how to prepare for the move, lets go ahead and see what you should take care of during the move.

Performing the move

Before the move

If you have modified the TTL values for your DNS records correctly, the number of problems you will face because of a server move, will be greatly reduced. However there is more thing you could do before you start the move to try and avoid more problems. That is to shutdown the mail server on your old server. You should understand that shutting down the mail server does not necessarily mean mails to the accounts on your server will fail and will never be received. Instead, once the mail server trying to send the mail sees that the mail server is down, it will keep the message in its queue and will attempt to deliver it later. By then the TTL would have passed and when it tries to send the mail again, it will be delivered to the new server.


Planning a Server Move? Part I/II

At some point in time we’ve all had to perform a server move. The very thought of which may give many of you a headache. But it doesn’t always have to be that bad. All it takes is careful planning and knowing how to keep you customers informed. In this post I’ll go over some of the major points that you should keep in mind when faced with the proposition of a server move.