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Site speed

Speed up website – How the perfect server solution can boost your slow websites

A slow website does more harm to your business than good. Not only would customers abandon it, they may also share negative reviews with others.

We’ve seen scenarios where a single website slows down the entire server. In our server administration services, we often get requests to speed up websites.


Site speed and Google search ranking

Although there are no secrets to make it to the top of Google’s page ranking mechanism, your site’s page speed can now contribute to it!
Websites are always meant for people, not bots. Visitors would love pages loading faster, and Google is in their favor! Earlier, Google’s ranking of results were based on the relevance of text on a webpage and how many other sites refer to it as a good source of information. Aspects like how fine tuned the web-pages are, and how well you organize and tag information, is still the key factor.