5 ways how white label tech support can help your hosting business gain its momentum

The term ‘White label’ was coined out from the image of a white label that appears on the packaging of products. You get a white label and fill in the details of your product. That’s what you do in outsourced phone services too.

Expert technical expertise and excellent customer service tailored to your needs, at affordable pricing – that’s what a top-notch white label tech support service can help you accomplish.

How white label tech support services benefits your business

Having a world class white label tech support team for your phone services, can help you in two ways – They can either take care of all your entire support needs or addon to your existing team as a transparent extension.

Bobcares’ phone support professionals will identify themselves as a part of your organization. With their efficient handling of customer calls, our support team helps to kindle a delightful customer experience.

To summarize, the benefits you’d gain from an outsourced white label tech support team are not limited to these:

  1. With an efficient phone support team to assist you, you get time to focus on your core business activities better.
  2. By providing delightful customer experience, our support team helps to boost your company’s branding and client base.
  3. Ensuring 24/7 availability, we deliver round the clock support services to customers around the globe.
  4. Hiring services from an established support provider helps you save costs incurred in staff and infrastructure.
  5. Our expertise handling variety customers over a range of hosting technologies, helps us to give first-class phone service.

See how we add value to your business!

How Bobcares delivers seamless white label tech support

How Bobcares give white label phone support services


Phone support provided by Bobcares is fully transparent. We truly function as the support team of our customers, and ensure a smooth white label tech support with these measures.

  1. Our friendly US based phone agents give your customers an impression that the support agent operates from your own space.
  2. Bobcares gives you a dedicated local phone number, which you can advertise on your site.
  3. If you already have a support number, all incoming calls can be instantly forwarded to our phone support team located at US.
  4. All your customers are greeted with your custom welcome message, as per the guidelines for your company’s branding.
  5. Our agents can use your preferred alias names to interact with your clients and build a rapport with them.
  6. We interact with the other departments in your organization to ensure that everyone is in the same page.
  7. Using an internal system to easily lookup customer records, we are able to provide personalized attention to them.
  8. Bobcares team blends with your company’s image and style of functioning, thus delivering white label tech support services.

[ Focus on your core business without interruptions. Our tech support experts are here to manage your customers 24/7. ]

If you would like to know how to provide an excellent phone support service to your customers with competitive support packages and the best outsourced hosting support professionals, we would be happy to talk to you.



Use Bobcares for your phone support services. Ensure 24/7 coverage for your customers!


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