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How we configured cost-effective VPS backups using Bacula

How we configured cost-effective VPS backups using Bacula

In IT systems, disaster can strike any moment and in any form. A hard disk failure, third party attack or even human errors can lead to data loss. To recover valuable data in such scenarios, backup management plays an inevitable role. But many times people just configure the backup once and leave it there. They assume that everything would just work fine when things go wrong.

Installing a backup software alone will not guarantee automatic recovery in case of data loss. Integrity check of the backups is also a very crucial aspect in backup management. This means verifying the backup for adequacy, completeness, accuracy and consistency. If the backup is not retrievable at the time of a disaster, that backup solution is of no use. (more…)

Release of RHEL 6 and EOL for RHEL 3



Red Hat, Inc. announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6, the latest version of their world leading server operating system. This announcement comes just a week after RHEL 3 reached its End Of Life on October 31st.