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Site speed and Google search ranking

Although there are no secrets to make it to the top of Google’s page ranking mechanism, your site’s page speed can now contribute to it!
Websites are always meant for people, not bots. Visitors would love pages loading faster, and Google is in their favor! Earlier, Google’s ranking of results were based on the relevance of text on a webpage and how many other sites refer to it as a good source of information. Aspects like how fine tuned the web-pages are, and how well you organize and tag information, is still the key factor.


SEO for a Webhost?

I’m sure you’ve all read about how important it is for your customers to optimize their sites for search engines. But have you realized that, as a Webhost, you too play an important part in getting better search engine rankings for the sites you host? Your customers may be putting in a lot of effort into optimizing their site, but without your help, they wont get the results they expect! Lets take a look how you can effect their rankings.


Optimize Your Web Contents

In my previous article, “Next Step:Optimizing Site URLs” , we learned how to optimize web site URLs. Even if there are a number of factors involved in SEO, we have to give primary importance to Website Contents. Content is the key to good search engine rankings. I am going to present some of the best content optimization practices in this article.


Next Step: Optimizing Site URLs

In my first article, Primary Steps to Make Your Site Better Search Engine Friendly (SEF), we discussed the basic techniques to optimize a website using meta tags and keywords.

In this article, let us analyze some of the popular strategies to optimize your website URLs.

One of the best ways to build a good URL is by creating proper categories and file names for the documents on your website. It will help you to keep your site organized and will lead to better crawling by search engines. Also, it can create easier and “User Friendly” URLs. Keeping extremely long and cryptic URLs that contain a few recognizable words is not always a good option.


Primary Steps to Make Your Site Better Search Engine Friendly (SEF)

SEF sites or Search Engine Friendly sites are ones that the Internet Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista and others of the sort can easily search through. The term “search engine friendly” is used to describe the web site designs that are easy to be located by the search engines. This in turn means that your content becomes much easier to be located by anyone searching the Internet!

How Search Works?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of making your website easy to locate for search engines, with its set of targeted and relevant keywords. The search engines calculate the ranking based on a wide range of criteria. These are again periodically assessed to ensure that only the most suitable sites appear in the search results.

Have you ever thought about how Google search works like a human being? What should be remembered is that it is still only a computer or a search “Machine”. So all that is required is a complex algorithm to make the search a success.