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Server Monitoring

Web hosting monitoring – What is it and how to do it right provides Technical Support Services for web hosts, digital marketers, and other hosting providers.

As part of our work we monitor web hosting infrastructure, and make sure the services remain responsive at all times.

So, what does this involve? How do we make sure end-users are not affected at any time? (more…)

6 ways to spot the best server administration services

6 ways to spot the best server administration services

In web hosting business, server uptime and speed are the crucial aspects that determine the success of a provider. Signing up for a server administration service usually happens simultaneous to starting a hosting business.

But if your server management company fails to secure or manage your servers properly, it can end up spoiling your reputation. Reviewing the tasks that are covered in server administration is, therefore, crucial before you signup with a company. (more…)

Server Management and Monitoring – 5 tips to do it right

These days you can get a server from AWS or Azure in as little as 15 minutes.

And not surprisingly, many business owners now use a VPS or Cloud instance to host their website or business apps.

The trouble is, these servers are sold as “unmanaged” instances, and the burden of Server Management & Monitoring falls on the server owner. (more…)

Case study : Plesk high load average during backup resolved using LVM

As a Server Management company, we monitor and maintain web hosting servers of digital marketers, web designers, web hosts, and other web solution providers.

Some of our customers use Plesk as the web hosting control panel, and we often fix load issues, backup errors and more to keep their services reliable.

Today, we’ll take a look at how we fixed a high load average issue in a Plesk server.


3 mistakes to avoid in server performance monitoring

3 mistakes to avoid in server performance monitoring

A fast server with high uptime – that’s the dream of every web host! But in real-world scenarios, nightmares do happen in the form of an unexpected server crash or a DOS attack to the web server.

To diagnose and resolve server incidents in no time, it is vital to have a server performance monitoring system in place. With an efficient monitoring service, you can prevent server attacks or outages that can be detrimental to your business. (more…)

5 questions to ask your server monitoring service provider

5 questions to ask your server monitoring service provider

Imagine that you are in the midst of an Ad-campaign and is dependent too much on e-mails. What if your mail server suddenly goes down and it majorly affects your business? Obviously, you’d be frustrated.

Server uptime is therefore, always the utmost priority in web hosting services. A single prolonged server downtime is sufficient to throw you out of your business. To stay competitive in business, you’ve to ensure 99.99% uptime to your customers.

A 99.99% uptime means a total of not more than 54.84 minutes of downtime in a year. As anything from a network issue to a bad hard drive can lead to a downtime, having an effective server monitoring service is vital to ensure this uptime. (more…)

Top 5 reasons why 24/7 expert server monitoring is important for security and uptime

Top 5 reasons why 24/7 expert server monitoring is important for security and uptime

People love fast websites, and so does Google. It’s then no surprise that the top spots in Google search results are occupied by fast websites with high uptime.

It’s a popular belief that using a monitoring tool is a good hedge against preventing or recovering from a downtime. In reality, by the time an alert is received, and help called for, a website would have gone down. (more…)

Are you Blacklisted?

As always, the more you know about your server, the better. That is one mantra valid all throughout the Web-Hosting business. Once you have this clear, you will understand why we have so many monitoring tools, excelling in their own way. The better they give you information about your server, the better they are. As each monitoring tool gives information as they see important, depending on more than one single tool to monitor your server is not at all a bad idea. On the other hand, the closer you keep track of your server; that too from various angles, will put you in a much better off position. Now lets check what are the situations when you need to be notified.


Nagios forked- Here comes Icinga!!

After the post on Nagios, as a dutiful blogger, I was searching on what is new in Open-source server monitoring systems. Thats when I stumbled upon Icinga.

Icinga is an enterprise grade monitoring system, which forked off from the good-‘ol Nagios. It was known that they are working their brains out on developing something. Curiosity made me dig deeper.