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10 uncommon causes for Apache CGI Internal Server Error, and how to fix them

Apache’s CGI mode allows webmaster’s to reduce memory usage. It is the preferred way to run many low traffic websites.

But the CGI mode is pretty sensitive to things such as permissions and file encoding, that leads to 500 Internal Server Error. (more…)

Server Support Engineers – Who are they? 3 tips to choose the best SSEs

Servers are amazing machines. They hum along 24/7 executing millions of transactions a week.

But like any machine, it needs management and upkeep.

In fact, depending on your workload, the machine specs and application settings need to be carefully calculated and maintained. (more…)

MailBox quota exceeded email error – Top 5 causes, and how to fix it provides Outsourced Hosting Support to Web hosts and other hosting providers. Part of our services involve resolving technical support queries posted by hosting users.

A common support query posted by end users is – Emails bouncing with the error “550 MailBox quota exceeded“. (more…)

What is Remote Server Support? How to choose the best support service

Servers need to be maintained.

Or else it’ll break down; much like how your car would, if it’s not serviced.

But who would maintain it? Servers are notorious for its cryptic errors, and complex terminologies.

For an average user, administering a server feels almost like taking a PhD in computer science. (more…)

How to fix “No space left on device (28)” in Rsync, PHP, MySQL, Magento, WordPress and more

No space left on device (28) is a common error in Linux servers.

As a Server Administration Service provider, we see this error very often in VPSs, Dedicated Servers, AWS cloud instances and more.

It could happen seemingly for no reason at all (like refreshing a website), or when updating data (like backup sync, database changes, etc.). (more…)