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World environment day

World Environment Day 2014 at Bobcares

World Environment Day was observed with much fanfare today at Bobcares Cochin campus. This is the 4th consecutive year WED is observed at Bobcares. To mark the occassion, tree saplings were planted in the campus by our latest batch of tech support engineers.

One of the engineers, Twinkle Shaji, who planted a sapling said, “We usually read about Environment Day and forget about it as new priorities comes up. I’m really happy to have taken an active role in the events today, and for sure I’ll carry the message of energy conservation to all my friends and family.”

World Environment Day Bobcares 2014


World Environment Day @ Bobcares

What could be better than celebrating World Environment Day in God’s Own Country, Kerala?

Like any other day during the monsoons, it was drizzling on the morning of 5th June 2011. The entire Cochin unit of Bobcares was highly excited with a sense of responsibility that poured on them. Every engineer came to office in a blue/green attire to support the cause.

The day began with a pledge, everyone standing united to take the pledge. (more…)

How to save for future

United Nations has declared 2010 as the “International Year of Biodiversity“. This ‘World Environment Day’, we have an opportunity to convey the importance of bio-diversity; in the well-being of our planet. Let this day highlight the achievements of Human race to safeguard our ecosystem. Let’s channelize our efforts for preserving the biodiversity of our planet.

The Human race and our economy is integrated to the ecology in entirety! Our society is totally dependent on the ecosystem for various ‘resources’. Resource – the terminology we constantly use for the services rendered by the ecosystem.