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server administration services

6 ways to spot the best server administration services

6 ways to spot the best server administration services

In web hosting business, server uptime and speed are the crucial aspects that determine the success of a provider. Signing up for a server administration service usually happens simultaneous to starting a hosting business.

But if your server management company fails to secure or manage your servers properly, it can end up spoiling your reputation. Reviewing the tasks that are covered in server administration is, therefore, crucial before you signup with a company. (more…)

What is a Dedicated Support Engineer? Top 3 qualities to find the best DSE

Running an online business can be hard.

You need innovate on your core business offerings, take care of sales, run marketing campaigns, update the site, and top of it all, take care of your servers and customers.

Tech support can take up more than 50% of your productive time and can be immensely distracting.

That is why many companies hire a Support Engineer to manage their servers and to help with tech support. (more…)

Server Maintenance Plan – Your key to a fast, secure server

Owning a server is much like owning a car.

You don’t have to be an automobile engineer to ride around in a car. It’ll take you places. You just need to fill in gas, check air pressure, and occasionally get it serviced.

In the same way, you don’t have to be a server expert to own (or rent) one and run your business apps in it.

But many server owners forget to get it routinely serviced. They pay their bills and assume all will be well.