What is Level 2 or L2 hosting support? Here’s what you should look for in a support team

What is Level 2 or L2 hosting support? Here’s what you should look for in a support team

Bobcares.com provides outsourced hosting support to web hosting companies. Many customers specifically ask for L2 hosting support when they sign up with us, but we’ve seen a lot of difference in the way each customer interprets L2 support.

Today, we’ll take a look at what is L2 support, and what you should look for when hiring an L2 support team.

What is L2 support?

Traditionally, big hosting companies employ a team of first respondents called L1 support to manage the support queue. L1 support quickly resolves easy issues, prioritizes urgent ones (like server down), deletes spam or other invalid mails, and moves mis-classified mails to proper support queue (billing, sales, etc.).

L1 support usually follows a knowledge base of already identified solutions to quickly resolve issues. If they find any that they cannot solve, they pass it on to a group of experts called “Level 2 support”.

Level 2 support group consists of technology experts who has in-depth knowledge of the hosting systems. This team goes through log files, traces server processes, and performs advanced troubleshooting to fix the issue.


A case for flat hierarchy – all Bobcares techs are L1 + L2 + L3 qualified

At Bobcares, we diverge from the traditional L1, L2, L3 classification. 100% of our help desk support team is formed of Computer Science engineers who directly manage the support queue, and fix all issues regardless of the complexity.

It helps us deliver better service. Here’s how:

  • Faster resolution : Customers who face complex issues do not have to wait longer to get the issue escalated and looked at.
  • High accuracy in fixes : When following a template, L1 techs could wrongly diagnose an issue. Experts won’t make that mistake.
  • Prevent recurring issues : When server experts see many tickets of the same kind (eg. virus in mails), they implement a permanent fix in the server, preventing more complaints. L1 techs would just call it a bad day.
  • No canned responses : Experts quickly identify exactly what’s going on with a customer’s issue. So, they don’t have to rely on a template to endlessly talk about possibilities. The replies would be concise and personalized.


See how we help web hosting companies


What are the qualities of a good support team?

We started supporting web hosting companies in 2001. Our objective always was to deliver a level of support that delights the customer, not just make them happy.

Over the past 15+ years, we’ve identified 3 important qualities that consistently delivers delighted customers. Let’s take a look at those:

1. Technical expertise with a human touch

Technology is often intimidating to non-technical people. It is easy to read out complex technical jargon from a manual to a customer when a support request is received. But, it takes an expert to explain in plain English what went wrong and what has been done to fix it.

So, before you sign-up, ask for sample tickets the support team has resolved. Look for the following:

  • Did they use simple English to convey the resolution?
  • Did they provide pro-active suggestions to prevent such issues in the future?
  • Did they identify possible other issues in the account and help them prevent it? (Eg. “I saw your backup isn’t running. Click on X in your account to fix that.”)


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